In 2007, Justice for Children International was a small organization with a noble goal: the abolition of child sex trafficking and exploitation through prevention and aftercare. Unfortunately, a Texas-based not-for-profit organization with a different focus was operating under the same name. The confusion and overlap led to a necessary name change. Ultimately, what began as a simple identity shift would end up revolutionizing and re-energizing the organization, sparking a global movement and a worldwide network of abolitionists working to end child sex trafficking.



Create a powerful, memorable name that would start a conversation.


Ignite a movement to wipe child sex slavery off the face of the planet.


Raise capital from public and private sectors.


The first time we ever sat down with the founders of the organization, we asked, “Why are you doing this?” Rob Morris told us a story. A story so powerful and passionate that everyone in the room had an immediate reaction. With his first-hand account, we discovered the name and direction for his cause. And after talking with Rob’s supporters and donors and surveying the landscape littered with organizations all looking for the same donations, we held up a mirror to this cause and reflected back what the world already saw: the story of a little girl who had a tattered tag pinned to her little red dress with a number on it. That number? 146.


In order to spark word of mouth, we knew we needed to give people a way to start conversations about Love146 and their important mission. We didn’t want people to just tell her story, we wanted her story to become their story, their injustice, their fight.

The 146 Patch

Though the identity of the young girl with the tattered “146” tag pinned to her dress remains unknown, thousands of Love146 supporters stand in solidarity by wearing the very same number today. This simple patch has become a powerful symbol of hope and action proudly adorned by those who have joined the fight to end child sex trafficking.

Local Community Task Forces

Love146 Task Forces are groups of local volunteers committed to raising awareness about Love146 and the Abolition Movement. They serve as an activist network for local and international efforts to end trafficking, and participate in fundraising efforts in support of the organization.

From Love146-branded shoes to 146 tag tattoos, Love146 advocates and supporters continue finding unique ways to carry the message and mission of the organization out into the world in their own way.



Baume and Mercier, the luxury watch company, has become a corporate sponsor and is creating a photo exhibit. They hired a Pulitzer-winning photographer to travel to southeast Asia to create the project inspired by work from Love146, which will feature stories of hope and restoration.


A church in Long Island, New York was just given a winning 3 million dollar lottery ticket by a member of their congregation. The church is donating $200,000 of it to Love146. This made big news, so the pastor has been on Good Morning America and The Early Show talking about Love146. Great awareness!


The band Paramore has adopted the cause by making their audience aware of Love146 on their tours and encouraging donations. They wear the Love146 patch on their clothes and instruments in concert, like when they played the MTV Music Awards.


The owner of a Porsche racing team is giving Love146 the opportunity to design a Love146 Porsche race car to wrap for the upcoming Lemans in California as well as the 24 hour Daytona race in January. This will be broadcast on NBC.