The Craft Division of Fiskars Brands, a Finland-based 350+ year-old company, had very low brand loyalty since their products – crafting tools and consumables – were “knocked-off” in China soon after they hit the market, which put the squeeze on all the dollars Fiskars invested in R&D. Plus, their brand research revealed that they were the “milk and saltine crackers” of their industry… there wasn’t a high-emotional connection there.



Increase online mentions of Fiskars by name 10%.


Increase sales in specific geographic areas 10%.


Create a relationship between Fiskars and its customers that goes beyond tools.


We sent out a national call seeking four individuals interested in a part-time paid position as a Fiskars Ambassador. They didn’t have to be a crafting guru, but they did have to be a passionate, engaging communicator. After interviews and selections, we brought them to Fiskars HQ for an intense weekend of teaching our tailored curriculum. They also rubbed elbows with product developers and other Fiskars employees. Empowered and educated, these four went back to their sections of the country to spread the goodwill of Fiskars, uniting a community. They regularly post on about their lives — never “selling” or saying things they don’t believe. They attend tradeshows, lead classes in stores, build relationships with storeowners and host online chats. Offline, each Fiskateer receives a personalized welcome kit that includes tools used to recruit others. (The only way to join is to be invited.)



Less than 24 hours after allowing Fiskateers to be invited in, we had reached our original six-month goal of 200.


There was a 600% increase in online conversations calling Fiskars by name in the first 20 weeks of the movement.


There are 5400+ active and engaged Fiskateers.


There are members in 50 US states and visitors to the site from 50 countries.


57% increase in web hits in just the last six months.


Stores that have had a visit from a lead Fiskateer experienced 3 times the sales growth of other comparable stores.


To date, stores that have had a visit from a lead Fiskateer have doubled in sales.


The Fiskateers – unprompted – are creating their own marketing tools, planning online and offline events, and providing valuable feedback to marketing initiatives and product development while spreading “the Fiskars love” and strengthening the company’s connection to customers.