White Papers

It’s fair to say we’ve learned a thing or two over the course of our 20+ years in business. If you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place to peruse the archives of that collected wisdom. From ditching timesheets to embracing a remote workplace, BOF white papers feature a focused look (and a few guest appearances) at some of our biggest lessons learned over the years. Even better? They’re all yours, free for the taking.

No Time Sheets White Paper

Our CPA, Brandy (with a bit of help from Amy) wrote a very detailed paper outlining exactly how we do business with NO TIMESHEETS. If you are doing timesheets, our hopes are to help arm you with the confidence to make the leap.

Remote White Paper

Once upon a time, the thought of distributed teams and remote workplaces seemed revolutionary, nutty and perhaps even a bit scary. Today, it is reality for a rapidly growing number of companies in just about every industry. The question is no longer a matter of if you should embrace remote options, but rather when, how, and why. Read on for our lessons learned working here, there and just about everywhere. Bonus? It’s free for the taking!