Brand Identity Development

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Brand Identity Development is a three-month process that kicks off with a brand audit to help us gain a deeper understanding of your business and identify opportunities for further exploration. Our insight process includes a series of guided interviews, exercises and gamestorms with your team. We’ll also want to speak with customers and a small group of outside experts to understand how your brand fits into their lives and the overall market. Throughout the insight process, we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for words, phrases and images that will help you carry your message and mission out into the world, connecting more deeply with your customers.

At the conclusion of insight, we will present key insight findings and the strategic thinking guiding our creative process. Following this discussion, Brains on Fire will explore up to three pathways for the brand identity direction. These brand identity pathways will encompass visual direction, manifesto, brand essence, positioning and brand personality. (Phew!) You will then be asked to select one pathway for us to develop into a comprehensive brand identity.

At the end of our three months working together, you’ll walk away with a new, talkable identity that reflects who your brand is at the core, sparks conversation and brings you closer to your advocates and customers.

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