LOCATIONS: Los Angeles

You wake up every morning and do your best to make this wild world of ours a better place. You look around and you are a believer, you tell yourself that with a little love and a lot of work we can make things a little better. You believe that if you are going to spend this much of your life ‘at work’, you want that work to have some meaning. And you want to have some impact in the world.

You like thinking about the ‘big’ things, even though you know it’s the little details that matter most. And you even find yourself getting a little obsessive about those details.

You see problems all around you and that inspires you to fix them. You believe in the power of human connection and you want to find more ways to connect more people and more ways to improve the human experience.

You like to think about “why” before doing almost anything, but especially when it comes to design. Because you know that the best design is born from meaningful insight. The best design surfaces values and tells stories. The best design isn’t just pretty… the best design guides impact.

At Brains on Fire we tell ourselves these very same things, and we are glad that our paths have crossed. We’re adding a Designer to join our team. Ideally, you have spent 2-4 years at an agency (or have other relevant experience), you have a strong knowledge of trends and technologies in design (including digital), you might have a specific style or craft but you’re eager and ready to jump in where needed, you might have some knowledge working with motion, animation, or 3D graphics, and most importantly you’re a good person with a strong desire to work as a part of a team. 

Plus, if you happen to have an insatiable desire to pet every dog you encounter and have strong feelings about why Los Angeles is the greatest city in the world, we might just be a match made in heaven. 


  • Collaboration – Our culture demands highly functioning teams that thrive in constant cycles of collaboration and rapid iteration.
  • Curiosity – Our culture demands an insatiable curiosity to learn, to challenge, and to improve.
  • Communication – Our culture demands a constant practice of internal team and external client communication skills. Together we practice, reflect, and improve.
  • Multidisciplinary – Our culture and the size of our company demands that we all wear lots of hats and we all jump in where needed to solve problems and complete tasks.
  • Leadership & Ownership – Our culture demands ownership of responsibility and a willingness to grow in leadership. We are not in the business of micromanagement… we believe passionate adults are fully capable of getting the work done that needs to get done.