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Blog Rewind: 10 of Our Most Popular Posts in 2014

As we head into the final month of the year, this is a perfect time to reflect back on 2014. Today we’re re-sharing 10 of our most popular posts (i.e.: most visited posts) between January 1 – December 1. Enjoy! 7 Awesome Examples of Surprise + Delight that Will Blow Your Mind  6 Brands Killing it on Instagram …

New Service from Brains on Fire

I took this photo from our parking lot one afternoon. We miss a lot if we forget to look up! We’ve added a few new services at Brains on Fire. And we’re having a lot of fun with one we’re calling:  Gut Check My Thinking  Here’s how it works: Feeling uncertain about the marketing programs …

Hessian – Brand For Sale

So I saw this little nugget pop up early last week, and my first reaction was… that’s cool. Then when I started really thinking about it, I completely shifted gears. Hessian is a brand for sale–that is, a brand that represents no business or product. The designer, Ben Pieratt, hopes to sell the Hessian brand …

Consumer Generated Names

Now you can name Pontiac’s new sport truck. (It looks like a newer version of the El Camino to me.) Pontiac is jumping on the user generated content bandwagon and has created a mini-site where folks can suggest names for this ‘bad boy.’ (Their words, not mine.) What do you get in return? Well, bragging …


There are some new developments at the Brains on Fire lair. 1) Happy new blog! Yes. It was time. So after ” what ” like 2.5 years, we’ve changed the design on the blog. (And we welcome your comments.) You’ll notice a few new things: a) The FIRE CAM is, indeed, our YouTube videos. Here …


September 24th at Midnight, an apology letter from the Founder of Redux Beverages was posted on In this age of taking ourselves too seriously (healthy cookie monster, anyone?), I would have expected it to be a broad apology, a recall, a name change and something about “our best intentions” and “any harm done.” But …

Another Bad Naming Idea

When all else fails, revert back to the alphabet soup.

A Flick by Any Other Name…

The movie Snakes on a Plane starring Samuel L Jackson isn’t coming out for months, but you have probably already heard a lot about it. Normally, movie pre-release “news” would be the result of the studio marketers or the tabloids touting celebrity romance, but the story here is about the extensive audience anticipation of the …

Why do we need to name things?

When a company shares it’s name, they indeed open a door.

Old Friends

My friend and I were lucky – we were fascinated by the changes that had taken place in each other. But brand loyalty is a much more fragile relationship.

Aching for Meaning

I’m reading a great book that I picked up in the airport this week, Affluenza. (And Dave, I think I am going to review it on Amazon I like it so much!) One of the chapters is called Aching for Meaning.

The Curiosity Team by Any Other Name…

I just have a feeling… this group is going to do great things together!

The Evolution of Naming

You say potato, I say, um, the same thing.

RSS Part Two

Okay, first of all I am sorry. I have been missing in action for a while. It’s that thing called flow. But I am back. And I loved a lot of the new name ideas for RSS. So I have been poking around and wondering something. What is the best way to change the name? …

A name is more than a word.

You can imagine how the name Brains on Fire has started some conversations.

New Kid on the Blog

You’ve got to walk in with questions to ask, not answers to confirm.

Bad Naming 101

Gap Inc’s new store is named Fourth & Towne. Or FAT for short.