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Friday Fotos | Halloween Edition

In place of our regularly scheduled Friday Fotos, today we bring you a dash of Halloween madness and mayhem. Happy Halloween from our team to yours! John paying homage to his Starbucks roots. Sean Swanson. (Winner of our 2014 Costume Contest!) Sarah as Tina Belcher Moe as Cersei Brandy and Mary Susan as Gemma and …

Friday Fotos | Edition 28

Moe and Geno getting their think on. Our view is thrilling these days. A visit from Baby ‘Belle A sneak peek inside the Bon Secours Wellness Arena #cl

The 2013 FIRE Sessions Recap: part conference, part movement, part conversation.

This time last week Brains on Fire was welcoming kindred spirits and clients from around the country to Greenville to do some thinking, talking and celebrating at the 2013 FIRE Sessions. Heather Whaling, known to many in the social sphere as @prtini, was one of the kindred spirits on our guest list. We invited her …