We have the customer in our sights, sir!

Customers know that they�re �targets.� And nobody wants to be a target – even to the point of going out of their way to avoid your message.

Viral Bribery

Hellman’s Mayonnaise tries their hand at viral marketing.

How to do it right

You might think it’s obvious to the rest of us, but most of these start-ups don’t realize that their identity is the single most important aspect of their business. (That seems to be true for a lot of Fortune 500s as well.) And a great example of how to build a compelling brand identity from the ground up is quickly growing outdoor clothing company by the name of Arborwear.

Thanks Publix!

Had a conversation with the sushi chef.

Sony's unlikely fans

There have been consistent and numerous requests for Sony to partner with developers for the creation of open source software, none of which the electronices giant has answered.

Design and WOM

“Whether it’s software or sippy cups, when something works right, looks right and feels right, it sparks an emotional connection.”

How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot 101

I’m amazed that the execs at United haven’t learned anything from the JetBlues and Southwests of the world: Your employees come first.

Creative Commons and BzzAgent Break Up

The big result is that BzzAgent, who at their inception in 2001, told their agents not to reveal that they have any association with the Boston based marketing firm when talking up new products, now has changed their policy to say that their agents must reveal their identity…

Change or Die

I just finished reading Deutschman’s Change or Die article in the latest issue of Fast Company and am glad that someone is addressing this issue. It basically speaks to the fact that it’s hard to get people to change their habits.

RFPs are evil.

Just like the 4 Ps of marketing were created in the 60s, RFPs have been around for ages and really don’t apply any longer to the real world. But companies still issue them and agencies still scramble to answer them. And in scrambling to answer them, they give away the only thing that they get paid for – their time and ideas. Is that really good business?

What's in a logo?

“You know, it’s interesting. People aren’t loyal to a logo. People are loyal to people.”

The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

I was more than just a little flabbergasted to discover that they had, well, “ripped off” a section of our website. Is this reason for concern? You be the judge.

Papa Seth

A master of self-promotion (and a purposely transparent one), Seth has made fans and followers out of tens. Okay, out of thousands.

If P&G is preaching it…

“I believe today’s marketing model is broken.”