Good News for Online Travel Sites

The poll of 18,000 online customers in 18 countries revealed that travelers are relying more on the internet than personal recommendations to gather travel information.

Blogs for hire. Part II

”In our opinion, paying bloggers is no different than Tiger Woods getting money to wear the Nike logo.” Yikes.

Taking a bad situation and making it a little better

AirTran, as a company, is not necessarily a shining example of a great brand. But that captain stepped up. And in doing so, saved the company a little face. He empowered his crew to take care of us and genuinely seemed to care about our wellbeing. Enough so that this passenger will take the time to seek out his name and write him a letter.

Take pause

Our hearts and thoughts are with our brothers and sisters across the pond in London.

Customer Service gets 15 minutes

Should we be in awe of a large corporation just because it has good customer service? Well, I guess most of them don’t, but we should already expect it from the big boys.

One of the touch points that matters most

Really good or really bad, people will talk about (and vividly remember) their first impression of a company that’s new to them.

How not to do viral

A lotta PR doesn’t necessarily mean a lotta sales.

Did you know?

Every household in Greenville County pays $485 annually in taxes to cover smoking related health care costs.

I want this, and that.

I liked it so much I woke up this morning with it in my bed.

Equifax fights against the customer taking control

Huge companies like Equifax that fight the inevitable (the reality that customers are taking over the conversations) instead of evolving are going to go the way of the Dodo.

Viral marketing gets some respect

“One of the fears about viral marketing for advertisers is that in many ways it requires them to give up control of the brand as it wends its way to customers via email and chat rooms.”

If they knew then what they know now…

Six ad experts in 2002 gave their predictions as to what the future of advertising will look like. How did they do?

RAGE Lives On!

On Tuesday, June 14, we held this year’s RAGE day camp. We’ve gone from an initial three day Summit, to last year taking the summit approach on the road with stops across the state of South Carolina, to this year a one day camp. I think it sucks. But I’m not going to be negative here. I want to celebrate some things that I never thought about when we set out to create a co-owned youth movement in a heavy tobacco-influenced state.

CD Baby

This little online shop provides a better personal experience than 98% of the real shops I’ve walked in to.

Hey, Early Adopters! Over here!

I thought part of the early adopter mentality is that they are proud to find new products and services on their own.

Satellite killed the radio. Period.

People aren’t abandoning AM/FM radio because satellite radio and MP3 players sound better. They’re abandoning them because of variety on demand and that little interruption every 10 or 15 minutes known as commercials.


I like the fact that a global energy company has decided to stand for something good.