Author: Robbin Phillips

Hiring is Tiring

I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert at hiring, but here are two things I have learned during this latest growth spurt.

My new friend Marsha

�I know this sounds corny, but I really want to change the world.�

Okay. I have to say something about this 90 Days of BzzAgent

I have tried hard not to pass judgement or even comment on BzzAgent. Like I said, they are obviously on to something and have found a lot of kindred spirits out in the world � and $15 million dollars. And here I am telling you to check them out. So like I said. It�s working. Sort of�maybe.

That Guy.

If you do not feel comfortable hiring someone better than you, then you should not be involved in the hiring process.

Funny, isn't it?

…the very things that make a person remarkable, also make a company remarkable.

Knock the Hustle

I read about 55 pages of this book and had to put it down

Aching for Meaning

I’m reading a great book that I picked up in the airport this week, Affluenza. (And Dave, I think I am going to review it on Amazon I like it so much!) One of the chapters is called Aching for Meaning.

My son the marketer

t�s an easy habit for a company (and a 14 year old boy) to want to be all things to all people.


I think it is like eavesdropping in a restaurant (which I love to do by the way). For just a moment we get to step into someone else�s life.

Growing Pain

We blew it big time � honestly, that is a bit of an understatement.

RSS Part Two

Okay, first of all I am sorry. I have been missing in action for a while. It’s that thing called flow. But I am back. And I loved a lot of the new name ideas for RSS. So I have been poking around and wondering something. What is the best way to change the name? …

Let’s re-name RSS

So anyway, help me out with my personal underground mission here.

Lessons from Disney

I have always loved the Disney mission statement. It simply states our mission is “to make people happy.”

A name is more than a word.

You can imagine how the name Brains on Fire has started some conversations.

My life is brilliant

It is reassuring to me as a very driven self-proclaimed control freak that I am not in control of this thing called life.

Goals are good

That’s another thing to love about goals – you can always aim higher.