Author: Robbin Phillips

Amen, Brother Hugh

I just read Hugh McLeod’s How to be Creative. It’s all good.  And worth the read. Direct (well, edited a bit) from Hugh: ‘The world is changing. Some people are hip to it, others are not. If you want to be able to afford groceries in 5 years, I’d recommend listening closely to the former …


Here’s a funny little example of a passionate, infectious group of folks. There is a show on our local NPR station that comes on about lunchtime. I often catch a bit of it while driving to a meeting or to get some lunch. It’s these two or three entomologists from Clemson University.  They’re bug experts. …

Peace on Earth (and all that mushy stuff)

Okay, everyone who knows me knows I am quite sentimental at Christmas. And this one is no exception. I am about to take some time off for the holiday, so as I walked into work early this morning, I was filled with this overwhelming gratitude for the people who choose to call Brains on Fire …

Rude People

I caught a segment on the Today show this morning about rude people. Not only did they focus on rude people — like loud cell phone talkers and such — but they also cited specific rude things companies do. My personal favorite is the guy who couldn’t get AOL to cancel his account. (Here is …

Let fear do its thing

Yes, I am addicted to LOST too. So last night Lost left me hanging until February — just because they can. In the last scene Jack told Kate to remember the story he told her when they first crashed on the beach. (I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.) Well, I couldn’t remember Jack’s …

14 year old girls are so beautiful

And they don’t have a clue. My fourteen year old daughter and her friends are constantly ‘getting ready’ to go somewhere. It’s hard for me to watch them as they go from bathroom to bedroom looking for that perfect outfit, straightening their hair and “doing” their eyes. Because to me there is just nothing more …

The reason we are dedicated to our internship program

If your company does not have an internship program going, I strongly advise you to consider it. At the risk of beating our own drum, I’ll share this to show the power of influencing young passionate minds. Brains on Fire Team, Thank you for all of your emails! It was so encouraging last week to …

The Email Businesss

I have a friend, the former CEO of a big company, who calls me from time to time. About eight years ago he suffered serious brain injury in car accident that left him struggling for for years to regain his quality of life. He’s back — a little bit slowed down — but amazingly he …

Tom's cool new friend

At the risk of giving him too much play (Virginia reviewed his book last week on our blog), I have to tell ya –I love John Moore. Not only is he smart, inspiring and thoughtful, but he is just about one of the  nicest people you’ll ever meet. Seems Tom Peter loves him too.  Check …

How NOT to get a job at Brains on Fire

Step One: Address an envelope to Robert Phillips, President. Step Two: Start the enclosed letter with “Dear Mr. Phillips.’

Try Harder.

HI there, It’s been a long time since I chimed in. But here is something I feel is worth sharing. Last week we made a decision to hire Joe, an intern who has worked with us for two summers now. We’ve asked him to officially join the Brains on Fire tribe when he graduates in …

“They say think about it. I say try it.”

Be a do-er. The world will be a better place.

It's here!

The Brains on Fire employee swap with Sumo Designs in Newcastle, UK officially begins today.


I am more convinced than ever that good old common sense thinking and simplicity will indeed rule the world.

Why do we need to name things?

When a company shares it’s name, they indeed open a door.

Last week…

All week, I found myself more critical of others. I guess you might say I was sweating the really small stuff.

Staff Swap!!

Stay tuned for more details as we firm up plans.

Hiring is Tiring

I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert at hiring, but here are two things I have learned during this latest growth spurt.

My new friend Marsha

�I know this sounds corny, but I really want to change the world.�

Okay. I have to say something about this 90 Days of BzzAgent

I have tried hard not to pass judgement or even comment on BzzAgent. Like I said, they are obviously on to something and have found a lot of kindred spirits out in the world � and $15 million dollars. And here I am telling you to check them out. So like I said. It�s working. Sort of�maybe.