5 Ways to “B” Better in 2019

Going through the B Corporation certification changes the way you think about your company and doing business.

Eventually, you magically find yourself looking around on the regular, searching for and spotting opportunities to make tiny tweaks to what you do and how you do it. And with each little tweak, your brand gets a little better, your culture gets a little stronger, your employees get a little happier, your impact becomes a little big more remarkable.

As we head into a shiny, new year, here are a few thoughts on how your brand can “B” better in 2019…


Complete the B Impact Assessment

Think of this as the first step on your B Corp certification journey. The assessment walks you through a series of questions designed to help you build a better business (and evaluate the good business you already have going.) It takes about 30 minutes to complete the quick assessment, while the full assessment takes between two and three hours to complete. Questions cover topics ranging from governance to employees, community to environment.

Anyone that is interested can complete the assessment, regardless of their title or tenure with the company. However, B Corp recommends appointing one person as a lead; this individual typically completes a first draft of the Assessment and then convenes a supporting team to assist.

Start the assessment (and learn more about it) here.


Re-evaluate your vendors and partners.

Your dollar is your declaration. Take time this year to consider where, how and who you spend your money with – and whether those brands and services are aligned with your company values. Here are a couple easy ways to search:

The B Corp Directory

Cruelty-Free Companies

Double the Donation

Minority-Owned Business Directory

Veteran-Owned Business Directory

Women-Owned Business Directory

Bonus: If your company purchases anything through Amazon, be sure to set your charity and shop through https://smile.amazon.com. Same products, same prices, but when you shop through the Amazon Smile link, Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchases to the charity of your designation.


Get Certified as a Great Place to Work

Over the past 30 years, GPTW has surveyed more than 100 million employees in order to help organizations around the world identify and build high-trust, high-performing workplace cultures.

The GPTW survey and process is a great way to give every employee a clear, honest voice in expressing how they feel about your company and culture. That kind of feedback is invaluable in helping leadership take an honest look at the workplace landscape to identify points of pride and potential spots for improvement.

Learn more about GPTW or search certified GPTW companies here.


Embrace and implement people-friendly policies

Doing good business begins by doing good – both inside and outside your organization. One of the best ways we have found to boost internal culture, as well as retain and attract top talent, is creating a workplace that puts doing good by people at the center of everything. From no-meeting Jam Days to remote work options (check out our whitepaper on that here), paid monthly volunteer time to a baby-friendly workplace, we’re always looking for new ways to create a workplace that encourages our employees to be their best, feel their best and do their best.


Incentivize your employees to be better

At the onset of each year, we challenge each BOFer to set a personal professional goal. From reading business books to contributing the blog to creating/refining an internal process, the goals vary. When an employee meets their goal, we reward them with a $100 mini-bonus. Why? Because we know that when our people grow, our company grows.

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