7 Marketing-Related Podcast Episodes You’ll Actually Enjoy Listening To

Podcasts, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. (Actually, that list would go on for a long, long while…and who has time for that?)

Fun fact: there are a lot of boring marketing podcasts out in the podosphere. You know the ones. You start listening with the best of intentions, and eight minutes later discover you’ve entirely zoned out. (Hey, a person can only swallow so many uses of the terms “omnichannel,” “smart content” and “growth hacking” before it just becomes jargon soup.)

For the sake of not suggesting yet another yawn-esque marketing podcast, today we’re delighted to present seven episodes of non-industry podcast episodes you might actually enjoy listening to and benefit from. From brand history to unfriendly design, we present a little dose of ear candy straight from our headphones to yours.


1. Part-Time Genius: 9 Surprising Origin Stories Behind Corporate Mascots

Why is the Michelin Man white when tires are always black? What do Tony the Tiger and Christopher Columbus have in common? And why did they give “The Noid” a video game? Will and Gabe tackle the strange world of corporate mascots.


2. 99 Percent Invisible: Unpleasant Design & Hostile Urban Architecture

Benches in parks, train stations, bus shelters and other public places are meant to offer seating, but only for a limited duration. Many elements of such seats are subtly or overtly restrictive. Arm rests, for instance, indeed provide spaces to rest arms, but they also prevent people from lying down or sitting in anything but a prescribed position. This type of design strategy is sometimes classified as “hostile architecture,” or simply: “unpleasant design.”


3. This American Life: It’s Not the Product, It’s the Person

Starting a business is not for the self-doubting. Or even usually the self-deprecating. The first thing you have to sell is yourself — like dating, but with a greater chance of landing in debt.


4. How I Built This: Chicken Salad Chick, Stacy Brown

For many of us, chicken salad is just another sandwich filling, but Stacy Brown turned it into a $75 million business.


5. Part-Time Genius: 9 Super Facts Hiding in Your Supermarket

Here’s what happens when wild fact-finders are accidentally released into a supermarket.


6. This American Life: Origin Story

Little-known and surprising stories of how all sorts of institutions began – including corporate creation myths, and why so many of them involve garages.


7. Invisibilia: The New Norm

Social norms determine much of your behavior – how you dress, talk, eat and even what you feel. Alix Spiegel and new co-host Hanna Rosin examine two experiments that attempt to shift these norms in two very unexpected places: southern oilrigs and a Moscow McDonalds.

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