Good Four is Back… Let’s Give Four Hours For Good!

Brains on Fire has always been committed to helping brands and organizations that want to grow so they can do more good in the world. 2017 was the year we took that declaration public – and turned it on ourselves – by becoming an official B Corp.

The process was rigorous and challenged us to find new ways to put our principles into practice. One of those ways was the internal implementation of “Good Time,” in which each of our employees receives four paid on-the-clock hours to volunteer each month. Another was the creation of Good Four, a national day of good launched last April, with the goal of helping brands and organizations see that making time for good doesn’t have to be costly or complicated to have a powerfully positive impact on their companies and communities.

In its inaugural year, companies throughout the country pledged to participate, allowing more than 600 employees to volunteer their time and talent to nonprofits and causes on 4/4. (We’ve done the math. The collective impact of this one day amounted to more hours than a full-time employee works in a year!)  


But the first four were only the beginning. This year, we’re hoping to make the impact even bigger and better.

We believe our actions tell the story of who we are, what we value and why we get out of bed each day to do whatever it is we do. We believe our businesses can be a force for good. If you agree, we want you to be a part of Good Four on 4/4/18. It doesn’t matter if you’re a massive brand, a scrappy startup or a solo entrepreneur, if you believe that doing good business is about more than just doing business sign up to participate and Good Four…and let’s come together on 4/4/18 to make some (more) good sh*t happen.

Learn more about Good Four (and sign up to participate) at



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