podcasts we love: episode 1

It’s no big secret that we l-o-v-e to learn here at BOF. Be it deep-diving into obscure industries to help us better serve our clients or the “inspiration” channel on our company Slack, we’re typically just a click away from completely nerding out.

One of our favorite learning tools? Podcasts. In this series, Podcasts We <3, we’ll be sharing what our team members are currently listening to.

First up is Alison Sellers, a Community Manager here at Brains. You can usually find her listening to the latest true crime story or murder mystery… but we asked her to go a little less Jason on us for our first installment.

1. The podcast you love is…

Sounds Good with Branden Harvey. It’s a weekly podcast that explores the lives, stories and adventures of the happiest people around the world.

2. How did you hear/learn about this podcast?

I kept seeing buzz earlier this year about the GOOD NEWSPAPER that Branden’s company Good Good Good produces. After doing a bit more digging on the organization, I discovered they also send a GOOD NEWSLETTER weekly and have been producing a podcast for a couple of years now. Enter: Sounds Good.

3. Why do you love this podcast?

I love the show for the same reason I can’t get enough of the paper and newsletter – it’s full of hopeful things happening in our world. C’mon. Who doesn’t need a little light amidst all the darkness these days? On the show, Branden interviews everyday influencers using their time and energy in honorable ways. His cast of interviewees is diverse in every sense of the word – background, race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, you name it.

4. Who would you recommend listen to this podcast?

Anyone tired of the depressing 24 hour news cycle of our current world, and those who just need a little bit of hope right now.

5. Which episode(s) are your ultimate favorites?

Branden has over 70 episodes, and I definitely haven’t had a chance to hear them all yet, but my favorite so far is actually the second episode: “Jedidiah Jenkins – The Adventure of Curiosity.” Jedidiah took a bike trip from Oregon to Patagonia a few years back, and he talks about his journey with Branden. I’ve listened to it maaaybe five times – whenever I feel like I need a perspective shift and to get outside of my own tiny world for a minute. I recommend it first to anyone and everyone whenever I’m swapping podcast recs with friends.

6. Anything else we should know about this podcast?

You’ll realize the magic of Branden’s interview skills right away, and it comes from a place of genuinely being interested in his guests’ lives. Some interview-style podcasts are clunky and cringe worthy, but Sounds Good will be one you can listen to on repeat.

… Sounds good to us.

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