There’s No ‘I’ in BOF

The idea of ‘family’ as a company value gets thrown around in various ways. Southwest encourages employees by reminding them to “Embrace the SWA Family,” and the Zappos spin on the same idea is to “Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit.”

At Brains on Fire, we’re all in on this concept, not only as a value, but as a roadmap for where we are and where we’re going. We’re a family built around a passion for our clients, and we take pride in being a nimble team that knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses — cheering on the former and filling in for the latter.

Which brings us back to the title of this post: There’s No ‘I’ in BOF. (Okay, yes. There is an ‘I’ when you spell out ‘Brains On Fire,’ but that makes this whole premise fall apart, so just stay with us…)

2017 has been another year of growth in our offices, and we’ve been excitedly adding to our team in Los Angeles. Back in January, we hired a new Account Executive. In May, we brought on a Creative Producer to help expand how we shape stories through digital strategy, design, and video.

Before we talk about them, a little history lesson: our LA office is about to hit the three-year mark of the day Benjamin Hart merged his own creative agency with Brains on Fire. (If you’re a real history buff, you can learn more about that right here.)

Since the beginning, the LA office has been in the heart of Atwater Village, a community we love — and a community that is growing.

Gustavo Delgado is the new Account Executive in the Los Angeles office. He is on top of pushing projects across each finish line, and plays a key role in keeping up the communication between Los Angeles, Greenville, and our remote humans. (Speaking of Our Humans, click here if you want to meet all of them.)

We also brought on Josh Elwell this year to work out of LA as a Creative Producer. His toolkit and background includes creative strategy, copywriting, and video production. (He’s also the one writing this blog post… in the third-person… but can’t stop… so let’s just keep third-personing it.)



A few weeks ago, Moe Rice jumped on here to talk about finding your core values, and how a team exercise revealed ‘Empathy’ to be BOF’s number-one employee value.

But ‘Family’ wasn’t far behind. It’s embedded in who we are and what we do. We push each other to find meaningful purpose in our work. We’re our own daily reminders that Brains on Fire is about the people. Not just the people we work for, but the people we work with. We’re a family. And it’s more than just a value.

It is equal parts exciting and challenging to create a team that feels connected across multiple offices, but we lean into the excitement with weekly family meetings (thanks, Highfive!), a shared mission of doing more good as a B Corp, and planning new events together, like our second annual Good Four coming up in 2018.


An expanding team in LA has meant more opportunity and potential to be a part of stories we love — stories we’re proud to amplify into the world. That work continues to be diverse, whether it’s helping people in Australia learn what it means to Defend Childhood (via a new website and look for the Australian Childhood Foundation), or creating a new, vibrant home for literacy educators at NCTE. The (literal) sprinkle on top of it all has been continuing to build a community that’s connected around celebration with SusieCakes Bakery.

This is just a peek of what we’ve been up to this year and we can’t wait to continue sharing more of our stories in 2018.

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