B Corp Road Trip

Part of our B Corp preplanning journey involved paying attention to existing B Corps. We wanted how they were thinking, operating, and most importantly, integrating the principles of B Corp into their internal and external practices.

We shared B Corp articles and brought in our favorite B Corp products. (Don’t you just love that seal?) All the while we developed a pretty sweet agenda for our ideal B Corp Road Trip up the east coast.

First, we’ll drive north to Norwich, Vermont and stop in at King Arthur Flour headquarters. Quite a few of us at BOF are avid bakers, so we are VERY familiar with KAF, and we’ve been dreaming of going to their baking school for years. (It’s not officially Christmas until I get their holiday baking magazine in the mail.) We loved learning that this over 200-year-old company is 100 percent employee owned and the first B Corp to integrate the logo on their packaging.

After taking a few KAF baking classes, pigging out at their café, and spending our paycheck in their store, we’ll drive up a bit further to Gilsum, New Hampshire and visit our next dream B Corp, Badger Balm. I discovered their lip balm years ago, however, I didn’t really understand how awesome their company was until I started researching B Corps parental leave policies.

Badger is cool, hip and ever green in every sense. They have been family-owned and operated since 1995, have a Babies at Work Program, and serve organic lunches every day. EVERY DAY! And because we are super nosey, we’d ask if we can hang out for a few days and work with them in their facility. (It doesn’t hurt that it also looks like that picturesque mountain cabin you always dreamed of building for yourself, but also happen to work at…)

On the way back down south, we’ll stop by Winston-Salem, North Carolina to visit Salem Baking Company, a B Corp newbie. (You haven’t lived until you’ve tasted their Moravian cookies.) Here, we’d eat lots of cookies and explore the recent changes and improvements they’ve made to become a certified B Corp.

Last, but not least, we’d swing by New Belgium Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina. Our team visited their super cool brewery this past summer (it’s only an hour away from our Greenville, South Carolina office). In addition to super sips and a great behind-the-scenes tour, they’re always willing to share their B Corp insights, and take serious pride in doing things the B Corp way. Just don’t forget to ask about the slide.

Share your dream B Corp Road Trip with us!

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