Internview // Meet Ellen

What brought you to Brains on Fire?
I am a senior attending Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. I am majoring in Strategic Communications and minoring in Advertising. My experience in social media is limited to local places in the small town of St. Augustine, so I needed to venture out to gain more experience.

I knew I wanted to live near my family in Greenville this summer, so my brother suggested Brains On Fire. He quite literally pushed me in the door to ask about potential internships. I was told that it was the last day to apply, so I ran home to my computer and did it.

I wanted to gain experience in social media because it’s a growing industry that is changing the marketing game in a big way.

What’s your favorite font?
Averia. It is gender neutral and goes with just about anything. It is definitely my go-to typeface.

If you were a pantone color, which color would you be?
The 2017 Pantone color of the year 15-0343; Greenery.

What marketing sin really makes you cringe?
Grammar mistake’s. Their the worst.

What’s your secret talent?
Karaoke. No, I am not a talented singer, but I love me some karaoke. My go to song is either Downtown by Macklemore or Piano Man by Billy Joel.

What’s a little-known fact about you?
I am unusually passionate about popsicles. I used to work The Hyppo, which is a gourmet popsicle shop in St. Augustine. Blackberry Goat Cheese is my all time favorite. I once ate seven popsicles in one sitting.

What’s on your agenda for the perfect Saturday in Greenville?
Sitting in a local coffee shop during the day and a local bar at night. I just moved to Greenville this past month, so I explore all the local coffee shops and bars in my free time. So far, my favorite coffee shop is the Village Grind and my favorite bar is yet to be determined.

When you were a kid, what did you think you would do when you grew up?
“Wild Animal Vet” – A six-year-old Ellen who was really into Animal Planet

Three things you couldn’t live without?
Sparkling Water
Fire Dank Memes

What brand/organization is your dream client — and why?
Airbnb is a dream. Their marketing team is amazing, and their company encourages travel and helping the local person wherever you go. Also, their Instagram is very beautiful and mostly user generated, which I think is the most personable and engaging way to run an Instagram account for a client.

What are three things you want to learn / learn more about during your internship?
Strategically increasing followers
Evaluation of success
Copywriting / Content Creation

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