Some B-ig B Corp News

Today is a BIG day for Brains on Fire.


Today, Monday May 22, we are delighted to announce that Brains on Fire is officially a B Corporation.


Pardon us while we make some serious noise about it!

In case you aren’t familiar with this business status, I’ll fill you in. B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee or USDA Organic certification is to milk. B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

In an industry that often reduces people to transactions and dollar signs, Brains on Fire has always believed that sustainable success is the result of brands and organizations focusing on how they can make a meaningful, positive contribution to people’s lives.



It’s true. We believe that marketing can touch and change lives.

Over the years, we’ve had the honor of helping some amazing brands and organizations do just that – from breaking the stigma associated with addiction to saving the lives of adoptable horses to celebrating teachers to raising awareness about child sex trafficking to inspiring families to learn and grow together. (And these are just a few pulled from a much bigger list.)



Today we join a growing community of more than 2,100 Certified B Corps from 51 countries in over 130 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to redefine success in business. We’re honored to share the B Corp distinction with brands and organizations including Method Products, GOOD, The Honest Company, Ben and Jerry’s and hundreds of others.



Here’s a fun fact: Of the 50,000+ companies that have applied for B Corp status, only 2100 have made the cut. 

At Brains on Fire, we envision a future where every brand and organization believes that people are more than a transaction and their business can be a powerful catalyst for positive social good. Becoming a B Corp is the next step in our ongoing effort to demonstrate that we’re not just a company that talks about doing good, but actively pursues and embraces every opportunity to be better, work better and do better.

Our B Corp certification journey has been a long and rigorous one. Along the way, it asked us to reflect on and reconsider everything from the vendors we work with to the people we hire to the way we operate. Even more, it inspired us to think deeply about the kind of company we want to become not only for ourselves, but for the world.

So while today is an undeniably B-IG day for us, it’s also just another day. Our certification isn’t the end of a journey; it’s the beginning of a new one — and a new chapter for Brains on Fire.

This is where things really get good.


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