It’s about people.

If you google Brand Advocacy Program you’ll find this:

A brand advocacy program is a structured strategy put in place to build your network of brand advocates in order to enable your company the power to harness this community.

Not sure about that long rambling, weirdly worded definition, but at Brains on Fire we do know this one simple truth:

Advocacy requires advocates.


Advocates are people.

Our definition of  an advocate is someone who is so passionate about a service, product or cause that they go out of their way to tell others about that service, product or cause.

That sparks word of mouth conversations and brand recommendations. And those conversations are responsible for Six Trillion Dollars of Consumer spending. Over 13% of all consumer spending according to a study from the Word of Mouth Marketing association.

So, do you really know who your advocates are?

Do you know what they are really talking about? Have you spent any time with them lately? How do you celebrate them? 

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