Change is good.

I’m big fan of change and moving.

It’s good for the soul.

I’ve lived in seven houses in the last 20 years. And every time I move, I clean out a bit more clutter in my life. It’s no secret to the people who know me that I love to keep my life simple and my belongings minimal.

We work with organizations large and small from start-ups to heritage brands. And often I think quietly to myself when we’re in the knowledge sharing phase of our process that “they need to move.”

So many companies try to do too much and collect quite a bit of clutter along the way.

They have a ton of programs and initiatives. They have zigged and zagged and have paid tons of money for things they don’t need or want anymore. They hang on to things. I suppose as people we’re wired to hang on to our stuff and the same goes for companies. I’ve walked on office tours and commented on things as simple as photos on a wall and it’s amazing how many times people will say, “Yeah that needs to go, it’s not really on brand anymore.” 

When I move from one house to another, I ask myself a couple of hard questions.

  1. Is it beautiful?
  2. Is it useful?

Brands and organizations are drowning in words, and websites and literature in my humble opinion. There’s just too much stuff. If it is overwhelming for the employees, isn’t it overwhelming for the people who love you — your advocates, favorite customers, your mom?

It’s a proven fact that the human mind is drawn to clarity. Seriously, there’s science to back that up.

I talked to a friend who had just taken a new job recently and she whispered brilliantly, “It’s overwhelming, as a company we’re doing a zillion different things. I would love to boil it all down and do three things really well.” 

What if we all “moved” our business and got rid of all the unneeded stuff?

The world would be a lot calmer and easier to figure out, don’t you think? Our jobs would be easier and our customers would feel more certain of us. It’s easy to get in the habit of trying to be all things to all people.

It takes a lot of hard work and decision making to “move”. But in my humble opinion, the rewards are many.

So. Pretend you are “moving” your company today. You can only take what works and feels good to you.

What would you take? What would you leave behind?

P.S. The photo of above is from the amazing @rooftoptales. Thanks Andrew for capturing this moment. More to come!



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