Calm is the new busy.

Yesterday, my “guy-friend” sent me an email with a link attached to this book called The Calm Company. Which is being written now. I could have written all these words on that post myself. Seriously, read them. Let’s also just say this: basecamp we are “same tribe”.

I love you people.

I’ve spent the last half decade of my life in search of calm, because it finally dawned on me that the best decisions I’ve made in my own life were made when I had time to think. When I slowed down enough to listen to my gut. It. By the way, IT, my gut instinct, never lets me down. But my instinct is not loud enough to be heard in a time of turmoil and stress.

And now that I’ve discovered this secret of calm, I long for everyone who’s part of Brains on Fire to experience it. I honestly used to think of it as a bit of a back handed insult when someone called Brains on Fire a “lifestyle” company. Now I absolutely see it for the compliment it is.  Because there is no such thing as work/life balance. It is all LIFE.

So yeah, we are definitely a lifestyle company.

Here are some of things we’ve done recently to protect our calm and focus. Our “organized chaos” is not perfect, but it pretty damn sweet most days.

  1. We have work remote Thursday. Honestly most Thursdays you’ll find me right here in the office. But what I love is the freedom to break my normal routine. To work in my bed for two hours and then come in. To leave early on Thursday and grab a little sunlight and finish up later at night. Freedom is important to calm.
  2. We celebrate calm. We used to celebrate late hours and working crazy hard. So many people wear “over working” like a badge of honor. “Working smart” is a badge of honor and what we celebrate these days.
  3. We avoid long meetings like the plague. Meetings need to be planned and kept short and simple around here.
  4. We eat better snacks. Well, most of the time. There’s a jar of M+M’s that are most likely here to stay but we are trying to things like Nature Box to find new goodies. There’s less soda in our fridge.
  5. We don’t encourage answering emails at night and on the weekends. Goodness, we all need a break. Unless it’s life or death it can most likely wait. People put Slack on Do Not Disturb. We really have to do this with West Coast/East Coast offices.

Personally, my professional goal this year is to meditate every single day. I believe if I can stick to it, everyone around me will benefit. Check out the tool I am using at

We are drawn to calm people, don’t you think?

I’ve found over the years that the “go to” leaders in our organization are by nature calm. They’re like magnets. They make great natural leaders.

And what’s better than a company of calm, focused leaders?



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