Farewell Marissa

The internship is over, but the lessons live on

What is your biggest takeaway from your internship?
Understanding the different parts, people, and talents it takes to make quality work for the projects we have. Seeing how people focus on their individual tasks, to how they tie together as a collective impact is a fulfilling process to see. The daily tedious tasks are important, but then it is especially neat to see everyone’s efforts come together.  Observing how this functions here gave me valuable insight.

What was the most challenging part of your internship?
The amount of computer time was the biggest gap I had to become accustomed to. This was a stark transition from what I was previously involved in. I am people oriented and previously had a physical hands-on type role with many responsibilities spread out in different projects; so becoming focused on one primary task/role, while it being online were two big changes for me.

How do you think you could have made your internship more successful?
I do wish I had shadowed people on our other teams. Tagging along with a graphic designer for a couple hours, for example, would’ve been neat to see how they process and flow in their work. While also, getting a better understanding of the holistic impact of what goes on here.

What advice do you have for future interns when it comes to getting the most out of their internship?
Ask questions, take on other tasks, get involved in different things than just your routine assignments; basically putting yourself out there with all that’s going on. Trying new things, understanding what other people’s roles look like, not becoming complacent or hesitant to be involved in things outside of your intern role.

Given your internship experience, do you feel that you are suited for a career in an agency? Why or why not?
Well, this office is pretty cool. I do, though, want to continue exploring my skillset and try new things in different environments. I gained a lot by traveling, living abroad and investing in different ways of doing things. I want to continue exploring those different ways of thinking and approaching. Ultimately, I’d love to be people oriented in what I’m doing with some tangible-type involvement.

In what way(s) did you grow the most through your internship? What skill or knowledge are you leaving with that you didn’t have/know before?
The exposure in itself grew great insight and understanding into the branding world for me. The roles, projects, teams, meetings, technology all involved here have helped shape and deepen my knowledge. Since my role was dominantly social media, my knowledge and handling was sharpened there specifically. I was able to touch on and grow other skills too, like writing, team discussion/brainstorming, research, and operating social media platforms to name a few.

What’s up next for you?
I plan to stay in Travelers Rest through next season for now, so continuing my involvement at Tandem while connecting with people here, doing life with community and soaking up the moments I have until the next transition.

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