Friday Fotos | ‘Tis The Season Edition

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‘Tis the season 🌲🍪🎅🏽

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Today is your big moment.

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10:10, @brandautopsy‘s witching hour

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🍂🍭🍁🌈🍃 // 📸:@laura_garvin

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Searching for our next graphic designer! Apply at the link in our profile. // 🎨: @maddsean

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Street art in Rapid City on one of the many #BrainsOnTheRoad trips this year. // 📸: @genochurch

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Brainwriting is our favorite way to ideate. It generates lots and lots of ideas quickly, and it allows introverts (of which we have many) to process thoughts & get in the creative sandbox with our more outspoken folks. How to?
1: gather minds, index cards & writing utensils.
2: present problem to be solved and give the group 5 minutes to individually brainstorm a solution on an index card.
3: pass the cards to the left and have each member react to the idea on their new card, adding on to create a bigger, meatier concept.
4: Pass & expand again, three to four times.
5: Present and react verbally and bask in the glow of your shared genius. 🙃💡🔥

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