Friday Fotos | BOFLA Is Hiring Edition

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BOFLA IS HIRING! Know a plate-spinning project manager // stone cold client facing badass in the LA area? Tag them in this post so they can COME WORK FOR BRAINS! Apply here.

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“Despite being a creative, I’m not someone who thrives on chaos. I want to manage my days – not the other way around. So I sat down and created a personal plan to make even the craziest of days work.” We’re sharing a few of our Copywriter @humansquared‘s top productivity takeaways here.

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Wanna work with us on the West Coast? BOFLA is hiring an AE. Check out the description to see if you have what it takes here.

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Big ups to our prez @robbinp for her shoutout in @GVLToday! 💚 Read Robbin’s post here.


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If you can drop a pin in Los Angeles, here’s your chance to work with the chill dude who made this logo. BOFLA is hiring an Account Exec. You game? Apply here.// 🎨: @hartben

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