Intern Halftime

With half her internship behind her, we recently checked in with Marissa to see how things are going in the life of a BOF intern…



 What has surprised you the most?
There are so many projects people are working on! It’s fun to see and engage with the activities happening around me.

What has been the most fun?
I love helping out on photo shoots, creating content for our accounts. It’s fulfilling to participate on the tangible side before we transition the content over online. I also look forward to our team’s weekly Friday morning meetings. It’s a refreshing chance to step back from our daily responsibilities to brainstorm and share creative findings and instigate innovative thinking.

What has been the most difficult/challenging part?
Time management. Really devoting the appropriate time for the varying tasks, whether that is more or less intention. Being able to assess a balanced investment in an assignment and knowing when to move on to fulfill my other responsibilities is a constant judgment of quality while fulfilling the quantity.

What personal discoveries or revelations have you had along the way?
I’ve noticed I really enjoy brainstorming. I knew I loved working collaboratively with people, but I’ve realized I specifically like bouncing ideas around in a group to build a really big idea. I believe my skill set is more of a “big picture” and “envisioning” type, rather than executing the details that make it function, so perhaps that is why I enjoy the “dreaming” and “building” process.

What do you want to learn more about during the second half of your internship? And why?
I’d love to understand the thought process behind the steps of partnering with someone we want to work with. And the creative process that follows, conceptualizing what we can craft to ring out their potential and build up their brand.

How do you feel like this apprenticeship is preparing you for whatever comes next in your life?
Like most experiences, I’ve learned more about what I do and do not enjoy. This has also helped define further where my skill set lies while also honing my general marketing skills. Overall, this experience has provided me generous exposure to what sustains this field of work to function and be successful. I feel more equipped and knowledgeable which increases my overall confidence and heightens the value in what I contribute and yield in my productivity. So, whatever my future involvement may be with all the experiences I have had thus far, Brains On Fire has equipped me with a well-rounded foundation in the world of branding while sharpening my marketing skills and work ethic, which will translate valuable anywhere!

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