What bugs you at work?

I’m big believer in this simple fact:

Self-awareness is half the battle.

I know what bugs me at work, but I wondered…what makes my teammates’ skin crawl or eyes roll?

What might I be doing that bugs others?

So Amy, Brandy and I did a little survey asking people to let us know what bugs them at work. And our results are not much different than the stuff I’ve been reading online about work etiquette. In an open office environment like ours, respecting privacy is number one and ambushing someone with a problem (without a solution) is number two.

Here are some of the lessons I learned from our “peeves”:

1. When someone has headphones on, see it like a closed door. If it can wait, let it.
2. Try not to ambush someone first thing in the morning with a problem. Smile or offer them a coffee first.
3. Don’t set a meeting when an email will do. Pointless meetings suck.
4. Replace the paper towels when you take the last sheet on the roll.
5. Clean up after yourself.
6. Tell the truth all the time. Don’t sugar coat things.
7. Be clear when you are giving direction. BE SUPER clear.
8. Don’t waste time, yours or other peoples.
9. Understand that not everyone likes to work last minute. Meeting internal deadlines is a kindness to others.
10. Don’t book meetings on our Jam Day when you can help it. (We use Thursdays at Brains on Fire to get stuff done! And we try to keep it meeting free.)
11. Be flexible. Sometimes meetings have to happen on Thursdays.
12. Don’t complain. Bring solutions or be quiet.
13. Play well with others. Don’t hog the credit. Don’t be a jerk.

So there you go. That’s what I got from listening to our team’s pet peeves. And I am certainly guilty of a few… or eight.

Not the paper towel thing though. Nope. Not me.

Chime in. What really bugs you at work?

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