4 Things I Learned From My Brains on Fire Internship

A send-off from Sydney

In May, as an eager recent college graduate, Brains on Fire brought me on as the summer’s “Social Apprentice” to intern under the social media wizards of the Community Management team. To be honest, I envisioned spending the summer making copies, filing documents, and going on coffee runs. However, Brains on Fire is far from the typical ad agency, therefore, the apprenticeship was far from the typical internship experience. BoF is a place that fosters growth and creativity, and my time as an apprentice consisted of the most humbling, empowering, and fun four months that have ultimately shaped the way that I will navigate the professional world. Here are a couple of things that I picked up this summer:

Everyone has a gift worth sharing.
It’s completely worth it to take the time to soak up expertise from those around you. Abandon the fear of sounding stupid and ask questions. “How do you do that? What do you think about this? What’s the best part of your job?” Chances are, you’ll learn a ton and they’ll enjoy sharing.

It’s okay to color outside the lines.
As someone who has always relied heavily on rubrics and outlines, I was not used to being challenged to venture beyond what’s comfortable. The people of Brains on Fire did just that. They challenged me to think outside the box and approach situations differently. At BoF, being as creative as possible was celebrated, and being different was encouraged.

People can make or break a work environment.
At the beginning of the summer I was challenged to keep a “good things” notebook. After each day, I jotted down what I was grateful for during the workday. Sure enough, the people of BoF made my list of “good things” each and every day. They’re a group of talented individuals that have created a warm, welcoming work environment with their sheer enthusiasm for what they do.

It’s worth it to find a job that you genuinely enjoy.
The cliché is 100% true, “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” What a joy it was to discover that people actually look forward to going to work everyday.



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