No One Expects The Pop Up: A Lesson in Touch Points

If there’s one thing we geek out over in the marketing world, it’s touch points. Whenever I stumble across a really well done touch point, I’m compelled to pass it on. Today’s kudos goes out to CrowdRise.

While uploading an image to my profile, I noticed the usual “we’re uploading your image” menu was…not so usual. But it only flashed on my screen for a brief blip. Several uploads later, I was able to grab a screenshot. The result? Brilliance.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 2.47.26 PM


The Takeaway
With a little creativity, anything has the potential to become a memorable, shareable touch point. Panning for inspiration gold is simple. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes…then walk through their user experience from start to finish. You may be surprised to discover opportunities to go from “good” to “awesome” where you least expect them.


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