Aging with Laughter and Joy.

I wasn’t born yesterday.  But I’m so lucky. I work alongside a very young and very young at heart group of people. Which sort of forces me, in a subtle and wonderful way, to stay relevant and current.

That’s not the case for everyone.

So I thought I would share what working with a group of shiny smart younger people has done for me personally.

  1. I know better than to reference the past like it was all so great. Never start a sentence with “Back in the day… or We used to do it like this….” No one cares about how things were done before they started working. Just stop doing that.
  2. Keep physically strong. Bike, hike, practice yoga or Pilates. Push yourself daily. Try new things. Go on weekend adventures. Because you can.
  3. Sit up straight. Good posture is very healthy and slumping makes you look tired. And old. And uninterested. No matter what your age.
  4. If you are tired, get more sleep. People are drawn to energy. And enthusiasm. Younger people have both of those things naturally. The older you get, the more sleep helps.
  5. Volunteer. Give your mind and talents a new playground to play and experiment.
  6. Find a style of dressing that works for you. Ask a stylish friend. Look online. Create a Pinterest account of things you like. (Have a Pinterest account.) I know some people well into their 50s and beyond that have an ease when it comes to style. It’s fun to watch and study.
  7. Stay positive. Find joy and laugh often. Have some fun. Life is not so serious. As we get older, we have more issues. Grown up life is full of issues. Try not to let your issues consume you. Or your conversations. What you focus on expands, remember?
  8. Take a bigger view of the world. Travel as often as you can and as far as you can. Stay in Airbnb’s. Explore where locals eat. Travel on $10 bucks a day. It’s fun.
  9. Get rid of paper and clutter. It’s like bad baggage. You don’t need it. No one needs it. Check out a younger than yourself’s personal work space. They get it.
  10. Don’t be afraid of change. Embrace it. See it as exciting. Drive to work using different routes. When you’re young, you embrace change because you’re changing so quickly. Keep your spirit for change alive by creating change.
  11. Be open to new ideas from new places and people. You’re not always right. Age does not make you smarter. I’m reminded of that Every. Single. Day.
  12. Listen to music 20 year olds listen to. My son, Tyler keeps me up on that and I am in love with so much of it. Still love Johnny Cash tho!
  13. And for goodness sake, love the new ways we have to communicate these days. Be open to all of it. It’s all pretty magical.

You know, after reading this over, maybe this is just good advice for anyone. Not just those of who remember the first car phones.

Those were crazy. 

Have a great week everyone!

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