There’s no such thing as a rock star.

I hate it when I hear people call someone a “rock star.” Being in the business I’m in –marketing –I hear that word more than the average person. We love to label.

And I just can’t stand it.

The other day I shared with you the first line in a book I am reading, Play Bigger by Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lochhead and Kevin Maney:

“Most books are by a soloist, the one you are reading is by a band.”

The truth is this:

No matter how creative you are, how charismatic you might seem, how brilliant your talent, you are most likely backed up by an amazing band.

We’re a group of best friends here at Brains on Fire. We’re a band of pirates on a shared ship. We fight for a better world every single day. Some of us are more out front and some of us are heads quietly down getting things done in a truly remarkable way.

We run our company openly and everyone has a stake in growing the business and collecting the rewards. (I promise very soon I am going to share exactly how we do that with a thing called The BOF Game that Brandy adapted from a 28-year-old book called The Great Game of Business.)

But back to my point.

We don’t have rock stars.

And I think that makes us healthier and happier. We don’t take titles or labels too seriously around here either. I suppose if I am being honest, I might be sad if I lost my Courageous President title, but I like to think I’d get over it pretty quick. The Courageous part is really my favorite part and the part I’d miss most because it’s my personal reminder to be brave and truthful. We recently also dropped Junior and Senior from our vocabulary because that is just plain silliness.

So. What do you think?

What labels or titles, real or assumed, bother you in the workplace?

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