Writers read.

A good friend of mine and brilliant teacher and writer, Scott Gould used to hand out this advice for writers.

Writers read.

I was not trained as a writer. I took a lot of creative writing in college but my major was Art with a minor in Business. (I was told that was a first at the time.) I loved art and I suppose I thought business was way more practical.

Even though I’ve been the co-author of two books, I don’t fancy myself a “real” writer. I write on our blog, but that’s easy. It’s just a conversation. So were our books for that matter.

Even still, when I find myself not wanting to write it scares the living daylights out of me. Mostly because I believe writing inspires thinking and who wants to stop thinking… and creating.

Not me. 

I encourage everyone I know to write. My kids, friends, teammates. I just believe the process of writing is vital to living a full and happy life.

Well, the other day, Scott’s wise words popped into my heart.

Writers read.

That same day a friend sent me a book written by a friend of his.

Play Bigger by Al Ramadan, Dave Peterson, Christopher Lockhead and Kevin Maney.

I picked it up this morning and read the very first line.

“Most books are by a soloist, the one you’re holding in your hand is by a band.”

A well-crafted first sentence sucks you in like magic. Don’t you think?

So I started reading it right that minute and I loved it. I love the style of writing. The message. The multiple voices. The rhythm of it. And most of all I love how it inspired me to sit down and write this post today.

Great writing inspires a desire to write.

So read. Write. And tell your stories.

If only to yourself.

Writing inspires thinking.

And the world is a better place when we think carefully about our words. Imagine if all your words were like brilliant first sentences. Every email, every manifesto, every slack comment, every proposal or keynote.

That would be a better place.

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