Friday Fotos | Summer Scenes Edition

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😎 Summer: we are pumped. Witness our levels of pumped on snapchat daily 👻 wearebof.  

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Hey. HEY! We’re hiring a Senior Designer / Art Director. Tag your friends and check our blog for more information. 🎨

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We don’t play favorites around here, but Lu’s a charmer, dawg-gone it! 🐾
Friday was #BringYourDogToWorkDay, and despite his extensive to-do list, Lu was kind enough to paws and answer a few questions for us re: his role as an office dog on Snap. 👻: wearebof. 🐶🗄📚📋

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ICYMI: we’re looking for another Senior Designer/ Art Director to join the team– STAT!  #wearebof

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Meet @debbietrout, our newest graphic designer and aspiring magician. Learn more about her here.  #wearebof

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Palm trees & ocean breeze #wearebof // 🎨: @woodandseaco

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Hey #yeahTHATgreenville, if you haven’t already, get you some @lattice_pies. Robyn is basically “pie Oprah” fabulous and her confections are creative, beautiful, and downright YUM. Dreaming of this Mexican Chocolate pie that we destroyed last Friday. RIP, pie. RIP.

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