Internview: Meet Sydney

What brought you to Brains on Fire?
Oddly enough, I stumbled upon Brains on Fire while insta-stalking Laura. I applied for the Social Apprentice position on a whim and instantly fell in love with the people of BoF during my interview. It’s all been a dream, really.

What’s your favorite font?

If you were a pantone color, which color would you be?
347 U. Kelly green— cheerful, but not too overwhelming!

What’s your secret talent?
I’ve been told that I have excellent penmanship.

What’s a little-known fact about you?
A few years ago, an entire oak tree fell on me while I was lying in a hammock (I’m not kidding). This freak accident left me with a couple of gnarly scars, a concussion, and a strong opposition to hammocking.

What’s on your agenda for the perfect Saturday in Greenville?
It would definitely take place in December. I’d start with coffee at the Village Grind followed by Christmas shopping downtown and ice-skating at Ice on Main. I’d end my day with dinner at the Lazy Goat and a show at the Peace Center.

When you were a kid, what did you think you would do when you grew up?
I genuinely thought I’d be a Saturday Night Live cast member. Turns out, I’m not that great at improv and I’m not as hilarious as I thought I was when I was 12.

Three things you couldn’t live without?
Soft-serve ice cream. iPhone. A planner.

What brand or organizations would be your dream client — and why?
My dream client would be Switch, a nonprofit that works to end human trafficking. This organization has a mission with such heart and purpose, and seeks to enact change right here in Greenville.

What are three things you want to learn / learn more about during your internship?
I want to be pushed out of my comfort zone and learn how to be less reliant on guidelines. I want to soak up every bit of information that the wildly talented Community Management team has to offer.

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