A letter to myself.

I often write letters to myself.

Usually in time in of stress and change.

It calms me to talk to myself. And helps me set my intentions. 

Anyway, I found one of my letters today deep inside a folder on my desktop.

(When I get a new computer Jack puts my entire desktop on a folder in a folder in a folder. Crazy, right? But I love him for it.)

So here is a letter to me, from me from one day in my past. I’m pretty sure I must have written this about the time Mike Goot named me President and himself CEO of Brains on Fire. I must have had a feeling he was about to leave. Or maybe I already knew it. That would have been about 2005, I suppose:


Dear Robbin,

You are about to embark on a really amazing journey. It will take many, many twist and turns over the coming years…

You will learn so much from everyone you meet. You will laugh, you will cry. But you will be surrounded by the most brilliant, supportive people on the planet.

It will stun you at times.

Cherish these people. All of them. Try and understand their lives and passions and hopes and dreams.

You will be given the honor of leading an amazing group of smart people along with two partners who truly are the ying to your yang. Appreciate that. Know that together you will build no ordinary company. You will become a part of something much bigger.  A new way of thinking that shakes and rattles the industry and draws amazing clients and talent toward you. 

Embrace it. Never, ever be afraid. Smile and live in the moment.

People you love will come and go during that time. You will be frustrated with that. But know that everyone ends up right where they’re supposed to be. 

Mike, your “business soul mate” of sorts will embark on a new adventure with his amazing wife Karen. So never take the limited time you have to learn from this crazy shiny talented man for granted.

You will help take the learnings from the work Brains on Fire does and turn it into a book; a book that touches the hearts and souls of people all over the world. It will be hard, but it will be worth it.

Most of all, trust that there’s alway more adventure and happiness around every single corner. Trust that your wildest dreams can and will come true.

You will work hard but have a lot of fun, as you grow and learn with others.  Brains on Fire will make meaningful change in the world.

Love, Robbin


That power of intention thing, it’s real. So, do you write letters to you?

P.S. Geno’s tattoo seemed to work for this post: “As I breathe, I hope.” Don’t you just love that?

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