How might we…

Several weeks ago I had the chance to attend and speak at the Conscious Capitalism Summit in Chicago.

I love this group so much. Seriously. I LOVE THEM.

John Mackey with Whole Foods was one of the keynote speakers. Like me, John believes that we need to bring LOVE out the corporate closet. I don’t often take notes at conferences, but I wrote this set of words down and underlined them about three times…

We are the authors of our own emotions.

One of the ways Whole Foods brings love out the closet and helps their team craft more positive emotions is so simple, yet so powerful.

They end each of their meetings with a “moment of appreciation.” If any one feels like sharing their gratitude about the meeting or someone in it, they’re invited to do so. John believes “when you are authentically appreciating, you are sharing love. “

So we tried it today at our Monday morning meeting here at Brains on Fire. It was a fantastic way to start the week.

I’ve personally challenged myself to do this simple exercise after every meeting. Like any other practice, it’s going to take me a while to get into the habit of asking or remembering to speak up, but I do believe it will change the way I feel.

Want to try it with me for the next thirty days and compare notes?

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