Meet Andrew Huang

Bringing the Huanger

What brought you to Brains on Fire?
I was lured in with promises of massages and food, but I’m staying for the opportunity to work with very talented people in a really supportive, collaborative environment.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever written?
Once I wrote about how I ate a dozen donuts (and didn’t die) for a local paper’s food/humor column. More recently, I wrote about hot dogs and how they’re really phallic in nature. I thought they were pretty okay pieces of writing. I also still have no idea how those pieces got published.

If you were a pantone color, which color would you be?
Navy peony. I think mid-blues have a lot of depth, so they’re more interesting than your typical navy blue.

What writing/grammar sin makes you cringe the most?
I really dislike dangling modifiers/participles. Based on context, you can almost always figure out what the writer intended, but the literal ambiguity is still really jarring and uncomfortable. It always ruins the reading experience for me.

Favorite word?
Food. Probably because of what it signifies.

Least favorite word?
Pants. Say it enough times in a row and it seems like it should be a non-word. It’s so weird.

What’s your secret talent?
Killing houseplants. I’ve also gotten beer-shotgunning down to a science.

What’s a little-known fact about you?
I was an All-State violinist from 6th grade all the way through high school.

What’s on your agenda for the perfect Saturday in Greenville?
I get up early enough for the gym, have breakfast/brunch at Coffee Underground (I’m really into their omelets right now), go for a photowalk through the midday, get a cortado at the Village Grind, go home, do laundry, and turn on the Netflix machine. I have the habits of someone 40 years older than me.

When you were a kid, what did you think you would do when you grew up?
A fighter pilot, or at least an aerospace engineer. I was really into Top Gun as a kid.

Three things you can’t live without?
Rice, coffee, and a camera.

Finish this sentence: Good storytelling: _________
Is about showing, not telling.

You’re stranded on a desert island and can only access one social media channel. Which one and why?
Instagram. I think I’d prefer curated visuals to Twitter’s firehose and Facebook’s increasingly mom-tastic vibes.

What brand or organizations would be your dream client — and why?
Apolis, which is a menswear clothing company. They have a wonderful aesthetic—understated, functional, classic—and they also happen to have a great ethic around social change and global empowerment of people.

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