Know What Your Job Is

I recently saw a clip of Bryan Cranston (aka Walter White) in which he offered up a dose of wisdom that makes real sense. And while his insight is geared toward actors, it really applies to all of us:

“You’re not going there to get a job. You’re going there to present what you do.” 

Which got me thinking. We’re all really good at self declaring by way of job titles, but how does that definition change when we start talking about our job — what we really do? The value of a person, employee and colleague is so much more than their functional set of skills. It’s about the passion and purpose they bring to the team. It’s about that little something that gets them up and out of bed each morning.

I turned the question on a couple people in The Firesphere. What is your job? What is it that you really do? 

“To uncover beauty and share it with the world.” Moe Rice, Community Manager

“To discover the surprising truths that lift people up and connect them in ways that make life beautiful.” Greg Cordell, Chief Inspiration Officer 

To help people tell their stories in a way that connects with other people. But the right people.” -Ben Hart, Lead Design Thinker

So what about you? What’s your job? What is it that you really do? 

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