Keeping It Simple

Fact: marketers have a habit of overthinking and overcomplicating things. With a gazillion technologies and tools at our fingertips, the temptation to go down the rabbit hole is sometimes hard to resist. Every now and then, however, I stumble across something that reminds me of the true marketing power that transpires when simplicity and tenacity collide.

Say what you will about Cracker Barrel, this is pretty awesome:

“Billboards are hardly high-tech, but the company has used even more straightforward marketing techniques at other points in its history. The company’s site notes that in the 1970s Evins got one of his recently opened stores’ managers to start calling random names from the local phone book to invite them to the new Cracker Barrel for a home-cooked meal on the house. As the company puts it, “Two weeks later, business picked up. All over town, people were talking about the new restaurant near the interstate and the manager who was calling people to invite them over for dinner.”  [source]

Set a goal to keep it simple this week. No matter how great technology gets, nothing beats a personal touch.

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