Now Hiring – Community Manager

Hear ye, hear ye! Brains on Fire is looking for a qualified Community Manager to join our Greenville team. The ideal candidate will be passionate about the environment, and will come ready to rock our clients’ worlds with an exceptional ability to think strategically and communicate effectively.

A few of the qualities we’re looking for:

Multi-tasker: The ideal candidate should feel energized by people. They must be able to triage client and advocate needs in a timely manner – and work well under pressure. You’ll be wearing lots of hats and responsible for keeping several plates spinning at the same time.

Online presence: Our dream CM has honed their social media skills, professionally and personally. In addition to demonstrating success in the online space, they should have an understanding of brand tone, and be able to engage, nurture and grow community while translating online engagement into offline wins.

Fun and energetic: Our ideal candidate should bring enthusiasm, passion and energy to this role. This community is thriving and growing—and our ideal candidate will be, too!

Leadership: Our new CM should be comfortable managing a team of lead advocates. They should be able and willing to resolve conflict in an assertive, professional manner if the need arises. Even more, they should be enthusiastic about providing encouragement, guidance and support to lead advocates and our client.

Flexible: The ideal candidate should be able to manage their energy in addition to their work load. Community management isn’t your typical 8-5 job.

Detail-oriented and highly organized: Ideal candidate should be comfortable, able and willing to collect, analyze and report on a wide range of metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Strong written and verbal skills are a must!

Self-starter: We’re looking for someone who loves working both within a team and autonomously on a day-to-day basis. Our dream CM will be a quick learner who doesn’t require a lot of handholding. Come prepared to take this role and make it your own.

Fast-paced: Brains on Fire is home to a small—but passionate—team. We stay busy…very busy. You will not have time to get bored in this role. You’ll need to be content working at a high-paced speed, comfortable with quick turnaround times, immune to distraction—and able to do it all without losing your cool.

Hey! You made it this far. You must be liking what you’re hearing. In that case, here are a handful of specifics about the open position. Note: this position is contract for three months, but could turn into a full-time position. 

In this role, you can expect to:

  • Manage four citizen correspondents (lead advocates) scattered throughout the country. Citizen correspondents are responsible for conducting street interviews about environmental topics on behalf of our client.
  • Assist correspondents in engaging brand fans in meaningful conversation (online and offline) and discovering amazing ways to reward them for being awesome.
  • Monitor the pulse of the community and conversation on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, flagging opportunities and wins as they arise.
  • Monitor the growth of the community and report on growth (ROI) and Return on Community (ROC) to client via anecdotal tidbits, individual member contributions and collective community wins.
  • Work with an internal team of fun, yet extremely focused folks who take pride in doing good in the world and affecting positive change within the communities we manage for our clients.
  • Interest in and/or active engagement in the environmental conversation is a huge plus.

Sound like you?  Submit a resume to We prefer that this position be in-house at Brains on Fire’s main office in lovely Greenville, South Carolina. (Check out where you’ll be working and who you’ll be working with.) We’re looking to turn this around quick, so be prepared for things to move fast.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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