Brands and Higher Purpose.

We are in the midst of a huge value shift in the world.

I say this often and I believe it with all my heart.

All the connecting we’ve been doing over the last decade is making us realize that we are part of a wonderful, amazing global community.

A community that together can raise awareness for an illness that most people have ever heard of.
A community that will not let our children be sold for sex.
A community that cares how the products we buy are made and about the food we eat.

And our world, our community, is getting smaller and smaller (and closer and closer to each other) every single day.

This is not going to change. This is not going away. It’s just going to get more and more powerful.

We’ve begun to finally realize that we humans are more alike than different.

We all love our kids. We want to feed our families good food.
We all want to have fun. And love and laugh and share.
We’re becoming more empathic and I think that’s very good news.

For all of us.

I see signs of this everywhere.

We do a lot of work in the not for profit world and this value shift has taken us from feeling sympathy to feeling empathy for our global neighbors.

Another good sign for our community.

The same goes for brands.

It’s not enough to know who your customer are and what they like and don’t like, you have to understand them as people, with hopes and dreams and most importantly values.

It’s now more critical than ever that brands clearly articulate who they are and what they STAND for.

So ask yourself:

What injustice are you fighting in order to make the world a better place?
How do you fit into your customer’s lives?
How can you quit marketing to them and instead support and celebrate them?
What passions do you share?

Customers want to know you care about the same things they care about. Period.

They want to see you not just saying, but doing the right thing.

I hate the word marketing.

It needs to go away. Just vanish. It’s not relevant anymore.

I want to be a part of something bigger.

I want to be in the understanding business.
I want to be in people business.
I want to be in the change the world business.

The work we do together, with our customers, matters.
We can change the world together.
We can do REALLY big things together.

We have to stop believing we will sell more stuff if we make a louder noise. It’s not about reach and frequency, it’s about relevancy and meaning.

We will sell more stuff if we make better stuff.
We will make better stuff if we understand who we are and who we serve.
We will make better stuff if we realize our value in the world by living our values.

So. Let’s stop marketing and start serving.
Let’s stop marketing and start loving.
Let’s stop marketing and start understanding.

The world is going to be better place if we all catch this vision together.

You in?

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