Staying Relevant

David Baker from Recources wrote a stunningly great and heartfelt article on Staying Relevant.

 It’s well worth the ten minute read.

Staying relevant over time is something I think about often.

We seem wired to reinvent at Brains on Fire. Just when we think we have a thing or two figured out, we start questioning everything we do and often, we zag.

Even if it means we’re pushing beyond what feels comfortable.

The very nature of our work has us constantly exploring and asking questions, so questioning ourselves has just become a way of life. Which is maddening at times to be truthful. Sometimes I have questioned, do we just bore easily? But most days, I have to admit the constant restlessness is what’s required if you’re going to stay helpful to your customers and relevant in the new work of marketing; forming deep, emotional connections to the people you serve.

We’re all in marketing grad school, right?

Here’s a phrase we heard from a friend many years ago and it somehow got stuck in our hearts:

 When you’re green, you grow.

Think about it, when you’re young, you’re learning rapidly. And every single day is an opportunity to grow and dream and reimagine. You get used to failing fast. You fall. You get back up. Your hunger for new ideas is always present.  You look at things from fresh perspectives. You question everything.

I love this line from David’s list:

Be the kind of person that people half your age like being around. 

Really great personal advice and also great advice for organizations, in my humble opinion.

So. How do you stay green? And growing? How do you stay relevant, personally or as an organization?

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