Dear ATT.

Tuesday I got really mad at you. Openly mad.

I expressed my anger on Twitter. Geez…

Which sucks, because anger attracts anger just like happiness attracts happiness.

It’s hard to explain really, but I feel like both options for internet and television services in my area are not very, well… people focused or friendly.

Charter is my only other option besides you.

I changed to your U-verse service about a year or so ago and I had high hopes.  And I thought it would be cool to have HD. Long story short, but IT NEVER WORKED quite right. If you sneezed it got derailed. A random rainstorm could down my internet. I’ve had about 3 or 4 tech guys out on separate occasions and of course it worked perfect when they were there.

But with no internet and no TV Monday night (again), I agreed to one last tech visit. You promised a “most senior” guy this time. He was supposed to come between 4-8 but he called my office at 2:30.


I stopped what I was doing and went home to meet him.  And lucky for me he was great! He took one look at my wiring set up and said, “I can’t believe this. It’s completely wired wrong. Someone just tried to wire it to the old Charter line. I can’t believe you ever got reception with it set up this way.”


This wonderful Senior Tech begins to put in a real ATT line. While I’m waiting, I decide to try again to cancel my data plan for my ipad.

A data plan I never needed. 

This was my second attempt to cancel this unneeded data service with you. I gave up on my first try a couple of months ago. Well, over 49 minutes later and with 4-5 transfers to different departments, I lost my cool.

 Big time.

 I was mad. Cussing mad.

Hard to explain.

It finally got resolved, but it took a lot of grief and effort just to cancel my $14.99 a month plan. It actually felt like the people I talked with were purposely making it hard, so I’d give up. I threatened to call the BBB. I would go into great detail here and tell you about how one of your employees actually took my credit card number, then disconnected me when he put me on hold, but it really doesn’t matter.

I came to realize that service at such a large scale as yours might never be remarkable or great.

I hate to admit that, but maybe it’s just the truth. Maybe when there are so few options for a particular service, there is just not much reason to work on skills like listening or empathy. Or to create plans and reward people for NOT transferring customers from department to department. It might not be possible to trust or empower a large staff from all parts of the world to settle issue using their own smart, judgement.  Or even use their own words for showing kindness.

There may not even be a reason for trying to set a more definitive appointment time for repairs. 12-4 pm is not an appointment time.

I got my last call from you about 9pm Tuesday night.

Your employee shared with me that I had been “red flagged” since I was so mad. He said to me, “It sounds like you are very unhappy with our service. I am not speaking as ATT when I say this, but perhaps you should not use our services anymore.”

 Hmmm. He might have gone off script?

 You know what I wanted you to say?

“We’re sorry that we set your service up wrong, Robbin. We are sorry we didn’t believe you that 3 or 4 times we sent out a junior tech. We’re human and we obviously made a technical mistake that has cost you time and effort and frustration. What can we do to make you happy?”

But that was not on your scripts. (And boy have you got some scripts.)  Admitting fault also must not be allowed at your company.

I sure hope the nice tech guy is not in trouble for telling me the real issue with the lines.

So. I am sorry ATT. Tuesday I ABSOLUTELY was not the woman I want to be.

I over reacted and failed to see your side of the story. I failed to have empathy for you. You’re simply just not able to create relationships or even have much of a human, empathic dialogue with those of us that need to use your services.

There is such a thing as too big to care and that really breaks my heart.

While I was ranting, I remember saying something to this effect:

“This is America! We should do better than this! Can’t you try just a little bit harder? Why can’t the brilliant minds at ATT remember their roots (connecting people) and find ways to do just that with their customers?”

I woke this morning feeling sorry for you, ATT. All of you. The great tech guy, the numerous sales reps I touched and ranted to, the CMOs, the social media folks (yes, I know a few of you personally) and the CEO.

It must be very, very hard to have so many customers, from so many walks of life.

I can’t imagine what it must feel like to have to speak from a script. Or to ask your employees to work off a script when dealing with people.  I just can’t imagine that life from anyone’s point of view.

So from now on, I will try and understand what you are up against, in case we have to interact ever again. I will rethink what is actually truly possible and accept that you are most likely just doing the very best you can do.

You have my word on that. 



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