Let’s Have a Conversation About Community

Community Building is a bit like a zoo… no, more like a new neighborhood. The developer has to do a lot of the groundwork. First they have to have a plan, what type of community should it be? They have to shape up the land, cut some roads, build the infrastructure.  Who’s going to build the houses? How do we get the message out?

Then you face the truth, will people see your vision? So much so that they will join?

My point in comparing a neighborhood to boots-on-the-ground community building is that you don’t choose your community folk, they choose you.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll share what we’ve learned building community-led movements. There are no experts here, my hope is that by simply expressing a point of view, we can have a conversation about community building.I happen to really believe in its power. I’ve seen it become fire, and I’ve seen it just be a spark.

The only way to make this a dialogue is for you guys to jump in and share…so, if you’ve got a question about community building, leave it in a comment below — or Tweet it using the hashtag #AskGeno. And be sure check back next week for some FIRE!

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