OUR Community.

This illustration is from Kevin at seekevindraw.com. I had to do it a disservice and crop it to go on our post. Sorry Kevin!

I love the Brains on Fire community. Which includes us, our partners and our kindred spirits. Almost every day someone reaches out to us and inspires us with their story.

We are a tribe of like minded people who are lifting each other up daily. We are a community.

We’ve had people share their strategic plans. Plans they created based on our books.

As John said when he first saw that happen, “That is an author’s ultimate dream.”

We have people proofread our site for us and make wonderful suggestions for improvement.

Which we always take seriously.

We’ve  had people call us down for not living up to what we preach.

Hurts. But we listen hard. 

We have people tell us how they are trying to get us meetings with companies who need our help. Organizations they don’t even work for.

 And often they make those connections happen.

We have people call us when they have exciting news and send us handwritten thank you letters.

 Which we read out loud in our Monday Morning gatherings.

There are several Brains on Fire groups out in the world, reading books, sharing ideas. 

Yea. That one makes us really happy.

 We are a community in the truest sense of the word.

 We’re surrounded by amazing people who believe that we are all better, together.

So today I want to share with you an email I got just yesterday.

From Kevin: Be sure and watch his kickstarter video:

Hi Robbin,

 I know you are busy, so I will make this quick. I have followed Brains on Fire for years, and I am just continually inspired by the company and the team.

 My name is Kevin Meier, I am an illustrator. I am writing to you today to share a project I just launched. I am not asking for you to support the project or do anything at all, except maybe just check it out, I am really excited about it and to be totally honest the reason I am sending it to you, is, well, for no other reason than I think it might be something you and your team would like. You and the brains team have shared and inspired me so much over the years that I thought maybe if I share a little of what I am doing, that maybe it will inspire back the other way.

 I believe in imagination, I believe in kids and their potential to create and tell stories. It is all of these reasons that have driven me to create a whole new imagination experience for kids of all ages.

 Flint books is a movement of imagination, a charge for creativity, a chance for youth, kids of all ages to unleash their imagination, to build a world, a story, characters, and fill the pages of a book in their own words, with their own adventure.

For kids especially, the world is becoming fuller and fuller of things that are creative for them, but flipping a digital page and having a story read to you, just isn’t imagination. I believe in imagination, I believe that kids are fantastic storytellers, but sometimes they just need a little prompt, and for that I would like to introduce you to Flint books…no screens, it’s not an app, and the only thing you can plug in to, is your imagination.

 If you want to check out more about the project you are welcome to swing on by here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1699721850/flint-books?ref=live

 That is probably longer than I should have made it, sorry about that..but like I said, I am excited.  Ultimately I just want to say thanks for the inspiration to try and create a movement of my own, thanks so much for leading the charge at Brains on Fire…for doing things different and inspiring other creative folks…it is appreciated

Kevin Meier

I think Kevin (like so many people in our community) has a big idea, I can feel his passion krackle  and I’m honored to share his dream with all of you. I believe he can spark a movement for imagination. What if this kind of thinking (get inspired and take action) was celebrated in every organization, large or small.

I personally celebrate imagination, inspiration, and meaningful action every single day of my life.

Can you imagine a world without it?

I can’t. And I can’t imagine a world without this amazing community called Brains on Fire.

So. Do me a favor this morning, check in and let us know what you’re doing, what you’re dreaming. We are all here to lift you up.

Your comments and letters and ideas and dreams are a gift… to all of us. 

Love, Robbin



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