What is your Jenny Craig?

Photo from Libby Williams. Keeping loving yourself forward in 2014!

A week or so ago, I attended a conference in Atlanta. It was composed of a small group of business book authors and speakers from all over the country. Great group.

One of the panelist ask this question:

What’s your Jenny Craig? What is your before and after picture?

Don’t you love that?

I’m a big goal setter. I also believe if you can see yourself reaching your goals, you can absolutely achieve them. It’s a mind thing. You have to picture success in your heart and your mind.

What does it feel like when you reach your goals?  Imagine feeling that.

What will it look like? Imagine seeing that.

What will change? Believe it will.

You can learn from the past, but you can learn even more from looking ahead and envisioning success.

So. What does your after look like? Whether you’re trying to determine the success of igniting a community or trying to get healthier, try and draw a real, measurable and visual picture of success.

Oh, and make sure you are absolutely in love with that after shot. Love will move you forward. 

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