6 PSAs Worth Watching

In retrospect, it was such a simple spot. I  usually caught it popping up during commercial breaks between after-school shows on Nickelodeon. It was nothing crazy or complicated, just a bit of moody camera work and a single line of copy: “This is your brain on drugs…any questions?

20-some years later, I still don’t look at fried eggs in quite the same way.

PSAs. I love them. If there were a channel dedicated to PSAs, I would watch it. A smart PSA is a bit like a magic trick. It weaves a story, evokes a sentiment and then opens the door and invites you in right in the moment you’re feeling most compelled, inspired, shocked, horrified, enraged, passionate.

A good PSA makes people care.

In light of this, I have pulled a few of my favorites. A word of warning: a couple of these may be upsetting to more sensitive audiences. Watch at your own risk.



The Shelter Pet Project

American Heart Association

British Heart Foundation

Domestic Violence


What are your favorite PSAs? 

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