My morning.

This is what I see when I first wake up most days. I love the simple lines of this old house.

This morning I woke up.
Went straight for my coffeemaker (Kurig), popped in a Starbucks cup thingy, brewed a coffee and added a little Land of Lakes half and half.
Put on my yoga clothes (lululemon top — not pants — and prana pants), grabbed my towel (giam) and mat (prana).
Put on my havaianas sandals.
Jumped into my car (An older BMW).
Practiced yoga at 90 Degree Yoga.
Came home.
Jumped in the shower.
Washed and conditioned my hair (Oribe, it’s worth it).
Used some kind of soap from Whole Foods. (Smells like oranges).
Put on my robe (Not a brand I can still see on the label).
Dried myself off (Restoration Hardware towel).
Dried my hair with my hair dryer (forgot to look for the name) and my Mason Pearson brush (Great, it was a gift).
Put on my Le Mer Suncreen.
And my Le Mer moisturizer.
Brushed my teeth with Crest toothpaste.
Using my Sonic Care toothbrush.
But on some makeup (mostly Bobby Brown).

Geez. Can you believe that and I am not even dressed yet!

I am still in my freaking bathrobe, it’s only 7:30 and I have touched over 20 brands.

As someone who hates the word consumer, I am sure doing my share of it.

The other day I stumbled on this great post. But what most intrigued about it was the first comment:

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 3.57.45 PM

We try never to use the word consumer, instead we choose people, people you serve, advocates, humans…. We are big believer is this fact:

The words you choose matter.

What do you think about the word CONTRIBUTERS vs consumers vs people?

How many brands do you contribute to before 7:30am? Let’s me know. An interesting exercise. I was only aware without looking of about half the brand names I use. And I use a lot of common ones. Geez… How about you?

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