People love people who love people.

Middle school years are some tough and weird years.

At least for some of us.

Me? I was skinny and artsy (which made me different) and very, very shy. I didn’t smile a lot. (Four years with braces is a long, long time.) I might even go so far as to say I got a picked on. Or at least it often felt that way. I certainly wasn’t the kid cheerily skipping off to school each morning.

Dread was my word actually.

One day as I was sitting quietly in my usual front row seat, a boy named Bobby tapped me on the shoulder and handed me a folded up sheet of notebook paper and said quietly with a slight smile, “Read this after class.”

During the entire class I fretted that it was the beginning of some cruel “popular kid” joke. I walked out of class and out of his sight and opened the little folded strip of paper.

In small print, it simply read:

Robbin, people love people who love people.

That was it. That was all. I put it in my pocket.

I won’t say that the clouds opened and from that day forward everything changed but they did begin to change.

Because I began to change.

I began to realize (as we preach often) that 90% of having a friend is being a friend. I started smiling and acknowledging others who I imagined felt different like me. I began calling them by name and encouraging them the way Bobby had quietly encouraged me that day for some unknown reason.

Sometimes it just amazes me that I’m part of Brains on Fire, a group of people that believes with all our hearts that is it absolutely possible to fall madly and passionately in love with the people you serve; a company who knows first hand the power and potential of connecting people through shared passions.

We really do believe the best brands, the brands we love most, are the ones that never let us forget what it feels like to be good people.

People love BRANDS who love people.


How will you show love and celebrate the people who love you today?

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