Love is the missing ingredient.

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Yesterday my friend Despina shared a photo of a book she received in the mail. It was The Passion Conversation. I have to admit, seeing this first shipped book show up online gave me a bit of a rush.

So. The Passion Conversation is officially in stock. A week early.

And honestly, I’m a little nervous. Or humbled. Or something.

It’s weird and hard to put into words. In the last stretch of editing a book, so many people (like editors, and proofers and friends) read it and ask really smart questions. They point out stupid grammar mistakes. They say things like, “THIS is awkward and did you really mean to say THAT?” It gets hard to see the content objectively at some point.

My only hope is this new book inspires you to think differently about the people you serve and the work you do in the world.

Jackie Huba, author of Monster Loyalty; How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics, said this in her review of our book and I love her thoughtful choice of words. Jackie’s good with words:

Love is the missing ingredient in developing loyalty with customers. [This book explains] how to develop deeper connections with customers who in turn sing your praises to everyone they know.

Last night I was looking for a stat about word of mouth marketing. I googled several phrases in an effort to find it.

Never did.

What struck me, as I stumble around on few social media marketing sites, is how smart people write stupid words like this:

Use your fans to spark word of mouth referrals.

I kid you not. I must have stumbled on a variation of those words ten times.

“Using” anyone is wrong! Isn’t that obvious?

I cringe when I hear anyone say or write those words. “Using” people (or fans or advcoates or ambassadors) has always been wrong in my book and will always be wrong. Period.

We wrote our own definition of advocacy at Brains on Fire:

Advocacy occurs when people are INSPIRED and EMPOWERED to share their LOVE for an idea, cause, product or brand, so much so that they become a living messenger for that idea, cause, product or brand.

We are not in the business of USING people. Let’s erase that thought and set of words from our marketing vocabulary.

We are in the business of helping people. We are in the business of inspiring, celebrating and empowering people. We believe we are like village matchmakers, helping our courageous clients form deep and meaningful connections with their customers and employees.

See. We believe this with all our hearts: You really can become famous for the people who love you, FOR THE WAY YOU LOVE THEM.

Love is a circular transaction. And LOVE is the missing ingredient.

Oh, please send us photos. We love photos! This is one more early book arrival from @jamileh on twitter. Ouch. That foot tattoo had to hurt.
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